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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Volunteer : Infant Remembrance Photography

I've been an affiliated Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep volunteer photographer since 2012, and it's something that is very close to my heart. You see, I have angel babies of my own and for me, not having a single tangible thing, to help me remember them is something that lives inside of me every day. You see, when a parent loses a child so young, there is often no time. No time to create memories. No time for the family to meet this beautiful new addition. No time for anything but grief. 
Which is why to me, NILMDTS and the work the foundation does is so very important. As sometimes, those photographs that are taken, are really, the only tangible legacy left of your precious baby. I have created a section on this page to included some testimonials from recent families I have been privileged to have worked with, to read them click here.
I feel absolutely blessed, that I found NILMDTS as to walk this path takes very special people. Not only is each photographer put through stringent quality checks, but we are also trained in our jobs. Which are extremely important and special. You see, we only get one chance to come in to meet an angel babe and photograph them. We must get it right first time, every time. So choosing an Affiliated Photographer means you are getting the best people. People equipped with knowledge, the right tools and talent. Backed up by an amazing team in the USA that include teachers, photographers, retouchers, support personnel, Your babies images will be beautiful. 
Part of what makes me want to take these journeys so much is that I love knowing that I can help put a smile on a grieving parents face. Maybe not right away. Maybe not for a month.... a year... ten years... However long it takes, for those parents to be ready to look at their baby's portraits. Because suffering an infant loss is an earth shattering event and not everyone deals with it in the same way or in the same timeframe. But thankfully, photographs last forever. So when they are ready to see them, they will be quietly waiting for them. And when they do, I know that while the memory will be painful, there will also be a sense of relief and happiness that someone was able to be there for them, to capture their beautiful, precious wee babe and save that memory for them.
If you are a parent, who has been given a tough diagnosis for your unborn child, or even an infant. Please feel free to contact me directly via the Contact Page, or by calling 021 299 5293 or you can search the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep website which has a great resource list and a lot of information which can help you. They also have a wonderful support forum for parents and families. So sign up - as the community there are amazing.
I'd like to also share with you, how it works when you approach me to work with your family on a NILMDTS session, just to give you a little insight and help you with what to expect.
I work on call between Wellington City, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua and anywhere in between.
I have done sessions covering baby's delivery and meeting the family, sessions where baby was already sleeping, as well as sessions where I have covered baby's stay in NICU and the removal of support. So please ask me about how I can help you.
I have written a brief on what to expect in a session for NILMDTS as many people will have no idea how it all works, now  no two sessions are the same. The people vary, the situations vary and the emotions and requirements of each family can differ. So your session may not go exactly this way, but it gives you a very rough guide to how I work and what I aim for.
While, I hope that no family has to suffer a loss of their precious child, I am proud to be able to offer my services, should you be in a situation where you need someone to help you with images for you to treasure.


Initially, I will receive a call from either a parent, or midwife asking me if I can attend a session. I will get some details about the family, about baby and we will arrange a time that suits for me to come in for your
                                                                               complimentary portrait session
Now, a session can be held anywhere as I come to the family. Whether it's in hospital, in a funeral home, or in the family home depending on your beliefs. So I will come to the family.
Initially I will introduce myself and explain a little about who we are (NILMDTS) and how we work. I will also need to complete the necessary paperwork prior to starting the session.
Once the formalities are done, I will meet baby and I will work through the images that I get for the family and I will ask you if there is something sentimental that you would like included. A special toy, outfit, item of jewelery. We like to ask for special items such as wedding/engagement rings for baby's toes/fingers to give you perspective on how tiny and precious baby is.
If you would like them, I will get images of your family with baby. Mum, Dad, other siblings if they are there.
I usually try to keep my time with your family short, so as not to impose. 30-60 minutes is an average session. However this depends entirely on the situation.
Once I farewell you, I will come home, where I will begin work on your session as all NILMDTS images are provided in black and white.
If you requested an image for a service, or casket, I will email this within 24 hours of your session, this request is always treated as urgent.
The complete set of images will take between 3 and 5 weeks. At which time I will email you to arrange a time for you to collect your disc of images from my studio in Brooklyn, Wellington.

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Testimonials from Families

I've had the absolute pleasure of working with many families from within and outside of the Wellington region and these are a few recent testimonials from families I've worked with written by mothers who I have helped to create precious memories of their angels. 

  On the 20th of June 2012 I was heartbroken knowing I was about to stop my beautiful baby girls life support. On that very day Sharyn dropped everything to come and record so many amazing moments and memories. I was so impressed with Sharyns manner, her patience, the way she approached such a difficult situation and the way she went above and beyond what we ever expected. Sharyn is a very special lady and there really isn't enough words to explain how thankful I am that I had such an incredible lady to capture the most amazing natural photos of my beautiful daughter. I will always be thankful for our NILMDTS photographer x

                                                                                    - Melissa, Waipukurau
  Sharyn Reeve was our baby daughter, Sophie's NILMDTS photographer - 23 July 2012. It was a voluntary service we didn't even know existed but now appreciate fully.
We would happily recommend her to any parents as the photos she sent us of Sophie were so much better than I expected.
Sharyn made them even more precious.
Not only did she volunteer her time and came instantly to be there when Sophie was still alive, but the photographs were soft, beautiful and included some lovely poetry alongside so that the pictures could be shown for the funeral service.
Sharyn was completely respectful of us at such a precious time and became another shoulder at a time when I needed to talk.
We thank her for her kindness and professionalism and for helping us add to our very special memories of our darling little girl.

                                                   - Tracey and David More, New Plymouth
  We utilised the services of photographer Sharyn Reeve in late  June 2012 to take photos of our child Kristianna in her final moments.
Sharyn attended a very private and intimate time between ourselves and our family  at the Neonatal Intensive Care Ward at Wellington’s Hospital.  Sharyn took photos of remembrance for us. Sharyn demonstrated empathy, grace and respect for us during a very difficult time and worked professionally and discreetly in an emotional environment. Sharyn delivered excellent results considering she worked in a stressful situation and set up complex shots in a small room with minimal time to review ideal shot locations.
The photos we received are very precious to us and we would have no hesitation in recommending Sharyn to prospective clients.

                                      - Vasoula Kappatos & Spiros Nicola, Wellington


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