Makeup Prices (As at April 2017) 

Full Face - Day Makeup
This is a subtle day makeup, with feature enhancing neutral colours and a gentle lip. 

Full Face - Evening Makeup
This is a deeper look, with more contrast, more coverage and a more striking eye/lip combination.
No contouring or false lashes are included with this package.  

Full Face - Special Event / Photography Makeup  
This is a heavy look, not recommended for daywear. 
Full coverage foundation, full contour/highlight, false lashes with strong contrast and bold styling.

Makeup Lessons
$95 per hour
Customised to suit your needs. 
You tell me what you would like to work on, contouring, eye shaping, liners, lashes, application, tips & tricks - and I will provide a 1 hour session to meet your needs. I also include a short makeup & application hygiene and sanitation lesson with every class!  


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