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A Princess is Born.....

And from one love, to another....

I was so lucky last month, to be able to meet the beautiful wee princess born at home in December to a beautiful wee family who came down from Otaki to see me.
This little girl is so loved and adored already, she will be spoilt for people to look out for her.
I got some lovely shots of sleeping beauty, and a few wide awake ones in between poses. And then her beautiful big sister came for some photographs with her new baby, and we got Mummy and Daddy in on the action too!
They are the sweetest family and I can't wait to meet this wee lady again as she grows up.


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Daddy Family Mummy Newborn Photography Studio Wellington Work Sat, 08 Feb 2014 06:30:00 GMT
Flic Caracou

Meet Flic Caracou.....

I was very lucky to have been approached by Wellington Burlesque Performer, Flic Caracou about helping her out with some new shots for her portfolio.
She's becoming a fairly regular customer of mine and every time we meet we have lots of fun!

This was another location shoot in a beautiful Wellington Venue that she chose.
It was a real shame that the arranged staff member decided to 'forget' the booking, but we made it work and had lots of fun while we did so. The place was nice and very fitting for the style of session we were going for.
She had a gorgeous dress and went to so much effort with her hair and makeup. She looked just beautiful.

I don't often come across an image I can't decide if I like better in black and white or colour, but this first one of the set looks so lovely in both! What do you think? Once you've decided, check out the rest of the set below.

Special thanks go to:

Model : Flic Caracou
Wardrobe/Styling : Sharyn from Photography by Sharyn 
Hair & Makeup : Salacious Sugar and Jess Searle Makeup Artist


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Burlesque Flic Caracou Location Model Photography Wellington Work Fri, 07 Feb 2014 06:30:00 GMT
Swimsuit Illustrated Watch Out

Swimsuit Illustrated Watch Out!

I've not really done a lot of proper swimsuit type shoots, so when model Forsaken Thorn approached me about a shoot on the beach I knew I had the perfect swimsuit for her and I was right!
We frolicked in the surf and she was a fantastic sport about hanging out in the water and getting down and dirty on the sand even though it was the icy cold waters of the cook strait instead of some lovely tropical beach in a warm climate... She certainly had to keep thinking warm thoughts.

I loved this series, I think it is as red hot as her amazing hair!

Special thanks go to:

Model : Forsaken Thorn
Wardrobe/Styling : Sharyn from Photography by Sharyn 
Hair & Makeup : Amie from Amie Makeup

Singlet : ALC Clothing

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Amie Makeup Forsaken Thorn Island Bay Location Model Photography Wellington Work Wed, 05 Feb 2014 06:00:00 GMT
Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm......

It's a little known fact that I do in fact own a Hummer H2 as of about a year ago maybe.....
And for the longest time I've been dying to do a shoot with it, but it hasn't been until I recently met a model who happened to be available on super short notice (like a day!) and the shoot just seemed to fall into place, with the Makeup Artist being available for us, the model being super keen and even managing to borrow a portable power source  - thanks Alan Raga!
So it really did seem like the stars and even the weather meant for this shoot to happen!

It was a really interesting shoot, with a model who is young and new, but clearly has amazing potential and a great attitude.
She was totally professional to work with and I enjoyed the shoot immensely, with a great team behind me and the results really do speak for themselves....

What do you think?

Special thanks go to:

Model : Jasmine Gemma-Lee
Wardrobe/Styling/Props : Sharyn from Photography by Sharyn 
Hair & Makeup : Ivy Mae

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) H2 Hummer Ivy Mae Makeup Jasmine Gemma-Lee Location Model Photography Wellington Work Sat, 01 Feb 2014 08:02:25 GMT
Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

At the end of last year, I went through and did some super fun sessions with a few local ladies here in Wellington.

This one was a studio session, where the model did her own makeup and costuming for a session she won on Facebook.
The results were simply stunning.  

Check out Miss Amy Moon!



]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Amy, Moon Burlesque Model Photography Studio Wellington Work Mon, 27 Jan 2014 06:45:00 GMT
Friends & Family

Friends & Family

While it was lovely and warm, I've totally been taking advantage of the weather.

I am blessed to be friends with some amazing photographers. One of whom kindly did a shoot swap with me and she did some beautiful images of me at the end of my pregnancy.
It was my last baby and the only one I've had maternity images done with so they are very special to me.

In return, after baby arrived I went out to her place on what turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon and I took some family photos for her, of her parents and her two adorable children.
They were so much fun! We played outside for ages and I got some lovely shots of them!

Check out these two gorgeous kidlets!


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Family Hutt Valley Location Photography Wellington Work Sat, 25 Jan 2014 06:00:00 GMT
Woodland Magic....

Woodland Magic......

So after the recent session with Jasmene, I've been thinking about the rest of the series of images I have been wanting to create and the people I wanted to use to make these ideas in my head come to life. 

Then, by absolute chance I came across the delightful Ashleigh Jane and she was just perfect for my next set of images!!!

i'm pretty sure that the powers that be agreed with me too as in a matter of just a few days I managed to get this session locked, loaded, shot and to print! Go team! 

We enlisted Grace's help for makeup and hair, I styled and Ashleigh did a fabulous job of looking pretty after a very long afternoon. A quick shopping trip beforehand for supplies and to pick up the beautiful headpiece from the florist and we were ready to start. 

Ashleigh sat in hair and makeup all afternoon.... I sat on my hands and knees sewing a fabulous gown and petticoat for her to wear...

But it was so worth it, just check out our gorgeous woodland nymph result!!!

Special thanks go to:

Model : Ashleigh Jane Cole 
Wardrobe/Styling : Sharyn from Photography by Sharyn 
Hair & Makeup : Grace Krishnan

Floral Headpiece : Estelle Ballandis, Flowers Rediscovered

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Ashleigh Jane Flowers Rediscovered Grace Krishnan Location Model Photography Wellington Woodland Nymph Work Thu, 23 Jan 2014 06:00:00 GMT
Summer & Sunshine

Summer & Sunshine

After my newest addition was born, and I felt better, I decided to go and focus on my elder boy for an afternoon. 

So we dressed up and went for a walk up through the reserve. It was such a beautiful afternoon and so sunny and warm. We took his new Darth Vader mask and fought bad guys with stick light sabers! We explored the jungle and laughed a lot.
It was such an awesome afternoon...

I love my little man and the amazing little personality has has, with such a big imagination.


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) 5 Baby Family Personal Photography Wellington Tue, 21 Jan 2014 06:15:00 GMT
Wonder and Whimsy

A Whimsical Princess...

So I've been on a bit of a hiatus and while I know I should play catch up, I will get to that I promise and I'll post up some of the sessions I've missed as and when I can. I've been doing limited work while on maternity leave. Lots of fun work and the session I did yesterday was no exception and was so lovely I have let it inspire me back to the blog!

I hung out with a fairly new model who goes by the name Forsaken Thorn. She's absolutely adorable and the images we got were so beautiful! Whimsical, colourful and fun!
She arrived with the prettiest makeup on, thanks to Lulu's Body Art and it fit perfectly with an idea in my head.
I draped her in luscious fabrics, added in a beautiful corset, a wig and a fanciful headdress.
We went for totally ethereal and beautiful and it worked perfectly!

Here are some of the magical creations we made...

Special thanks go to:

Model : Forsaken Thorn
Hair/Wardrobe/Styling : Sharyn from Photography by Sharyn
Makeup : Margo from Lulu's Body Art


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Forsaken Thorn Model Photography Wellington Work Sat, 18 Jan 2014 06:30:00 GMT
Same Sex Marriage, Legal at last!

Same Sex Marriage. A special union.

April 17 2013 is a special day for New Zealand, seeing as we just became a country that supports same sex marriage!
I've worked with same sex couples celebrating civil unions and showing off marriages from overseas, but now everyone is entitled to marry I am so excited for those couples that this news affects in the most amazing and exciting way.

Check out my special offer for same sex couples, marrying in 2013.....

To help you celebrate this huge milestone in New Zealand's history and in your lives, I'm offering a very special deal.
Book a Platinum, Gold or Silver wedding package with me and receive a complimentary designed highlight photobook AND an A3 Blockmounted print of your favourite image from your special day.

I love weddings. I think that the celebration of two people joining their lives is an amazing thing and I am always so privileged to be a part of those days, but the joining of those who have been waiting patiently, or fighting for the recognition that they are both equals in their relationships is just such a sweet victory for people across the country - and the world.

New Zealand is a country of firsts and I'm proud to be a Kiwi right now.
We were first to give women the vote, we were first to legalise prostitution and now we were the first in the southern hemisphere to legalise marriage equality!
Way to go New Zealand!

Annette and Melanie, held their wedding in Canada before they came home and celebrated with friends here. Such an amazing couple!

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Gay Lesbian Marriage Photography Same Sex Marriage Unity Wedding Wellington Work equal Rights Wed, 17 Apr 2013 11:25:27 GMT
Miss Venus Starr Up Close and Personal

So yesterday was a rather interesting day, as last week Venus booked me to shoot some aerial silk work for her.
I happen to have a set of silks hanging about in the building, conveniently. So we decided to see how they really performed and she put herself through her paces on them giving me some amazing shots.
I love watching her work as she's incredibly talented and almost superhumanly strong! It never ceases to amaze me that someone so tiny and fragile looking, can bust out some inspiring and extremely difficult moves which require so much strength - and yes I know this as I've tried just climbing up those things and boy oh boy I ached for a week after....

So we spent some time getting the shots she wanted on the aerial silks, before we decided to take advantage of my wardrobe (and her sharing the same size feet as me!) and we decided to get a few shots on the ground as well.
For an impromptu shoot, they came out brilliantly. I was really pleased with the look and feel - and of course Venus always looks fantastic anyway but she did her usual superstar performance and gave me some intense and sexy poses.
I couldn't wait to share these as they have been so much fun to put together!

So enjoy.... first our impromptu session;


And before we took advantage of the location to it's full potential, here are the images of Venus on the silks....


Special thanks go to:

Model : Miss Venus Starr
Hair : Colour by Natalie from Lady Bonnet Hairstylists
Hairstyle :
Rachelle Merina Smith

Find Venus online!
Venus on Instagram | Venus on Youtube
| Venus on Model Mayhem

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Aerial Silks Burlesque Circus Model Performer Photography Venus Starr Wellington Work Fri, 05 Apr 2013 04:37:30 GMT
A Rose by Any Other Name..... This beautiful lady is another of the Tease class girls who I was lucky enough to meet and get to hang out with.

Run by the director of Miss Burlesque New Zealand, the Tease classes give real women, who are amazing. A chance to get a taste of the wild side and learn to let some of their inhibitions go.
With a photo shoot at the end, these ladies do wonderful things for their self-esteem and their image.

I really enjoyed helping Rosemary by capturing these beautiful images of her sexy and sassy self.

Isn't she something special?


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Burlesque Photography Studio Wellington Work Thu, 21 Mar 2013 06:45:00 GMT
Expensive Tastes..... Lady Cash Mere

Lady Cash Mere and I had an absolute blast when we shot these in studio a wee while ago.

Such a gorgeous lady and so much fun to work with, we started out with a basic black corset outfit, but once we'd done that she showed me the most amazing costume that she had made herself - corset and all! This girl will be a force to be reckoned with! Talented much?
I got to have a close look at the outfit and it was just stunning. So I couldn't let her leave without shooting in such prettiness.

I can't wait to see what this lovely lady comes up with next as she's going to be one to watch closely.
So keep your eyes peeled for her performances and check her out on Facebook!


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Burlesque Lady Cash Mere Model Photography Studio Wellington Work Tue, 19 Mar 2013 06:30:00 GMT
Botanic Beauty So over Christmas, I decided to take a little downtime, for health reasons I had to chill out and slow down my hectic schedule which was some well deserved rest time for me.

But I did manage to sneak in a few little teeny tiny sessions with some of my favourite clients. Just because I love them so!

So here is a sneaky peek of what Miss Allegra Valentine and I found to do, on a beautiful hot sunny evening in Wellington. We found a peaceful little piece of paradise, with the most amazing light as the sun was setting and boy did we have some fun with it!
This session had been in the works for a while, with her and I putting our heads together a la Sue Bryce and making her the most fabulous floaty skirt to make her outfit just WOW.
Bless having a sewing machine - just don't keep my crooked stitching between you and I and we'll be good! It worked out wonderfully and as you can see, perfect with the hair, makeup and the rest of her beautiful fairylike ensemble.

I hope you enjoy my welcome to 2013 session as much as I did!

Special thanks go to:

Model : Allegra Valentine
Hair & Makeup : Claudine Stace, Claudine Stace Mobile Hair and Makeup Artists

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Alegra Valentine Botanic Burlesque Gardens Michele Model Photography Wellington Work Fri, 08 Feb 2013 06:30:00 GMT
The Lady is a Vamp...... Now this blog is a wee bit late, due to my enforced rest period over Christmas but this session was so much fun!
I squeezed this one in just before Christmas and we went with a much darker and deeper theme than I've done in a while. Fun, fun FUN!
Oh and did I mention fun?

Working with Miss Flic Caracou is always guaranteed to be a laugh as she's loads of fun to hang out with and this was no exception. She also comes up with super cool locations and for this shoot, we hit up a crazy little cemetary in the middle of town, that is crazy as it has a whole lot of headstones, but no people under them! Or very few anyways.
The historic Bolton Cemetary was moved, yes moved in the 70's when they built the motorway right smack through the centre.
Almost all of the people interred there, were exhumed, and reburied in one mass gravesite, which is outlined in the grass, with a beautiful surrounding of trees, a natural ampitheatre laid in concrete and a lonely plaque detailing only the number of bodies. Which is well over 3000.....
Many of the remaining headstones, particularly close to the mass site, are merely stones and are in a terrible state of repair. Cracked, broken, falling down the hillside as it succumbs to erosion and land movement and they are a sight to behold. It's a beautiful and serene spot, which we took full advantage of!

Here are a few sneaky peeks.....

Special thanks go to:

Model : Flic Caracou
Makeup : Roslyn Marlow


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Burlesque Flic Caracou Model Photography Vampire Wellington Work Wed, 06 Feb 2013 06:00:00 GMT
Sweet or Sinful......... Miss Bon Bon Rocher! So, when I think of a Bon Bon, I think of something sweet.... but Miss Bon Bon Rocher who I was lucky to have in front of my camera today seemed anything but!
I'd love to know which you think she is!

We had a blast today in the studio, with some fabulous outfits and stunning hair matched with impeccable makeup. There is nothing I love more than a creative hair & makeup team you can give your direction to, and they just seem to instinctively know what you need and want to see.
Marry those two with a model who is just the business, and who has grown and developed immensely since the last time we worked together and there is no way a bad photo can be taken.
In fact they were so good, I was totally tempted to post most of them completely straight out of camera! And while I often could... I usually just want to put 'my' spin on them. But not today!
Mind = Blown.

Today the combination of incredible people and of course some credit to my new equipment stash and really.... I just couldn't go wrong.
I love my job, and my absolute favourite thing? When the model looks at the RAW files, and asks if I've slimmed her down or something... No lovely lady, you are just absolutely beautiful and when you are posed so perfectly, there is just no slimming required! 

I think I just found my new favourite session..... What do you think?

Special thanks go to:

Model : Bon Bon Rocher
Hair : Angeline Thornley, Rodney Wayne Lambton Quay
Wardrobe/Styling : Natalie from Lady Bonnet
Makeup : Keryn Ward Makeup Artist


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Bon Bon Rocher Burlesque Model Photography Studio Wellington Work Tue, 04 Dec 2012 06:00:00 GMT
Fanciforia Foxglove at Foxglove Bar

This month has been crazy busy, but thankfully it's starting to settle down a little now and I've got some blog making up to do!

A few weeks ago, I was super lucky and I got to hang out with the fabulous Fanciforia Foxglove, right in her element at the equally fabulous Foxglove Bar in Wellington.
A hidden treasure down on the waterfront, I felt like a kid in a candy store when the manager was showing me around! It was seriously all I could do not to jump up and down as literally everywhere I looked there were more amazing spots where I could envision images I could take there... however. I couldn't be selfish and we were running to a tight schedule.
So this time around I chose only a couple of places, which teamed with Miss Foxglove's finery worked out to be just stunning.

I certainly hope to go back there again with another model as I have some other plans in my mind for other little spots there, but for now I'm going to share with you a few from Fanciforia's set that I just love.
She's always stunning and her teeny tiny waist (helped along by a fabulous corset by Purdy Corsetry) was accentuated even further by the amazing backlighting from windows overlooking the water.

We had so much fun with this shoot. Location shoots are always fascinating as no matter how you plan them, I find there is always a huge element of the unsure with them. As even with scouting, you just never know how things will turn out. Will the weather play nice, will the furniture be in the same places, will there be issues you didn't think of to pop up and surprise you.
So I really enjoy the challenges of moving out of the studio and I'm really looking forward to my next location shoot.
Stay tuned, it's not far away and I have some amazing ideas coming to fruition as I type this.
Exciting stuff!

In the meantime........ Miss Fanciforia Foxglove!


Fanciforia Foxglove Fanciforia Foxglove Fanciforia Foxglove Fanciforia Foxglove

Special thanks go to:

Model : Fanciforia Foxglove
Hair : Natalie from Lady Bonnet Hairstylists
Corset : Purdy Corsetry
Venue : Foxglove Wellington

]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Fanciforia Foxglove Foxglove Bar Location Model Photography Wellington Work Thu, 29 Nov 2012 06:18:05 GMT
Wedded Bliss

That word that instills fear in the hearts of menfolk and is the one thing that little girls have been planning since they were 4......

I love weddings. As long as they aren't mine and I'm the photographer....
They are always beautiful, while stressful and a lot of hard work, they are absolutely a crucial day in a couple's life together as a couple will learn more about themselves and each other while planning one, than any other endeavour they will ever embark on.
They will have to endure endless interjections from well meaning family and friends, a stream of you should's from random strangers, never ending appointments/to-do lists/tasks, bridezillas, family feud disentangling, the chaos that is seating arrangements and don't forget the money thing......

But a crucial thing, that often gets pushed to the wayside, is photos.
A bride will organise her special day to the enth degree, but sometimes she misses out, or scrimps on the thing which to me, should be almost more important than anything - her photos.
People seem to forget, that while the day is so special, it's the photo's that will stand the test of time.

And something that took me by surprise the other day, was after quoting a bride, she decided to use someone who was going to be far cheaper for her. Which was fine with me and I wished her luck thinking I wouldn't hear from her again in regards to the wedding.
Until I got a surprise message which left me shocked to say the least - as I'm always surprised when people seem to have so little idea of what a photographer goes through, when we take on a wedding.
Because of that message I've decided to write this post, to try to give people an idea of the work, time and effort that a good photographer will put into each and every wedding client, to ensure their day goes smoothly and the photos are beautiful.

Her message, probably seemed innocuous enough to her, but was one that made me realise how undervalued and disrespected photographers are.
She asked me if I could help her put together a shot list to give to her wedding photographer.
Which shocked me that
1.) her photographer was already showing a lack of commitment and skill
2.) that she felt my work was good enough to want my ideas and skills, but not valuable enough that she would pay for them

Now, I know I'm not alone in my work process, as I know many wedding photographers who are just as thorough.
So I thought I would share how I work and how much time I put into my clients.

When a new client contacts me, I try to respond within a day with an initial email leading them to my website for packages, prices and most importantly images so that they can get a feel for my work and costs and decide if they would like to go further.
Next, I arrange to meet them. I take my portfolio book and enjoy a coffee with them, while we get to know each other a little and they can view my printed work and quality. While I'm there, I will spend a good half an hour taking notes and learning about them. Their personality, what they love and hate, how they feel about photos and their importance. If a booking is made, contracts will be signed and deposits arranged.
If they book with me, we arrange a second meeting, where (after the deposit has been paid) we will start to get into real detail. I will spend an hour or two going through all the details. Dresses, colours, locations, people, ideas. And the couple and I will start to put together a rough layout of the day working out what images they need, when we will be aiming to shoot them and timetabling. We also put together lists of ideas and props they would like to use.
At the third meeting, we will lock in the shot list, schedule of the day and nail down the final preparations.

So before the wedding, I've spent approximately 4 hours with my couples and I've probably spent another 8 hours researching.
Looking for inspiration, motivation, locating the props, scouting the venue and portrait locations and making sure we can get the shots they chose at those locations. Mapping out distances, travel times between the portrait spots and working out how long we would need to be at each spot. Creating a timetable and shot list for the day. Booking assistant and second shooter where needed.  Making worksheets for the staff.
That's 12 hours work so far. Plus expenses.

The day before, I will be busy charging batteries, packing equipment and props up and ensuring cameras are charged, cleaned and in good working order. Cleaning lenses and checking them all for faults. Just in case, you know!
There's another 2 hours.

On the day, I will be up early to pack snacks and drink, load my car and drive to your prep location, and I'll start to shoot.
I will have had a meeting with my team before we started too, so that everyone has a brief for the day and they know where to be and when. They will have been given handouts with all the information they need.
Another 2 hours easily.

Only then will my day start. I will liase with the bride, send my second to meet the menfolk.
And I will shoot for anywhere between 3 and 12 hours depending on the chosen coverage.
In that time, I won't sit down, I will likely not eat (other than snacks) and I will have my camera in my hand. Because I belong to the couple for that day.
So add on average, 8 hours for a full wedding.

Then once I'm home, I've cards to unload, files to backup in case of emergency and then the processing phase begins.
Processing can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Roughly 20-40 hours of processing for a full wedding.

So by the time you see your beautiful images 2-3 weeks later, I will have spent 44-64 hours working on your wedding.
For a $3'000 package, that's $46 per hour before tax and without me having paid my assistant and second shooter.
Or around $37 per hour after I've paid my staff. And that $37 still has to have expenses come out of it, such as any hired equipment, travel/gas expenses, insurance and the like.
Doesn't leave much behind does it? Most of that will go straight back into maintaining and upgrading equipment......

But what it DOES leave behind, are the beautiful memories, that the couple will have to cherish forever.
Photos, that when they look through them, will remind them of that most important day in their journey. They will capture the tiny details that are so easily lost in the memory banks... remind them who shared their day with them and also the images will show the absolute love and adoration they have for each other in those special looks and touches that allow them to forever remember why they married in the first place.
Those images will be here in 100 years. 200 years. When the couple are long gone, but their children and grandchildren will be there to look through them and see how beautiful and in love they were.
Because memories fade much faster than a photograph.

So the next time you, or someone you love is planning a wedding and they want to go cheap on the photographer, ask them how important their day is and see whether they realize that a bad photographer could ruin their day and memories forever......  


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Bride Ceremony Civil Groom Marriage Partnership Photography Portrait Union Wedding Wellington Work Sun, 11 Nov 2012 22:51:01 GMT
All that glitters, feat. Little Miss Broadway!

There is seriously no better way to spend a beautiful sunny afternoon, than in a place that never ceases to amaze  me with it's beauty and detail..... than to spend it there with a model who was just born to rock the kind of 1940's glamour mere mortals dream of.

When I saw the dress that Little Miss Broadway brought down specially for our shoot I almost swooned.
You see, earlier in the year when I went to the Very Vintage Day Out in Auckland I had spotted it. And I wanted it! But the woman selling it was very VERY particular about even letting people try it on as it's a one of a kind genuine vintage 1940's dance dress.
In order to try it on, she was measuring people up and deciding if it was a yes or no and while my waist would have fit it, she decided my bust wouldn't. So I was denied.
Even this petite wonder was almost denied, but she pushed to try it and the woman allowed her - and not only does it fit her perfectly, but it looks like it was made to be hers.
She put it on and she just transformed into this creature of grace and beauty and it was fabulous!

The setting couldn't have been any more perfect and fitting for her, and the staff as usual were super lovely. Allowing us to have a corner to ourselves. Bringing us beautiful china and wine in vintage glasses. And even volunteering us a very handsome french man to partner her up with!
So I would like to thank Hippopotamus and all of the staff there for helping us out with such a lovely place and making it a very memorable day. Check out their website as they do a High Tea which is just to die for!

It's a photo overload in this post, but honestly there were just so many incredible images, I really couldn't narrow them down any further, so enjoy the eye candy!

Special thanks go to:

Models : Little Miss Broadway feat. Antoine
Makeup Artist : Willow Noir
Venue : Hippopotamus @ Museum Hotel


]]> (Photography by Sharyn) 1940's Burlesque Hippopotamus Little Miss Broadway Model Museum Hotel Photography Vintage Wellington Work Sun, 21 Oct 2012 06:00:00 GMT
Foxy lady alert.... Kim 'Kardashian' McGregor Lucky lady number three of the Hamilton trip, was the woman who made it all happen......

Meet Kim.
Kim worked so hard to pull this shoot together, arranging models, makeup artist, hairdresser, choosing the venue and being the one to liase with me to get it all to happen.
She was so determined and it was fantastic to see how the whole day came together so smoothly and was so much fun!
I almost forgot it was work I was doing as we were all having such a good time.

I shot Kim at the end of the day where we were lucky enough to have gotten some gorgeous afternoon light, as well as some sun and warmth when the weather hadn't looked like it was going to be all that great. I was very excited to see more and more sun peek out as the day wore on.

Gosh my job is so hard, beautiful women and beautiful places.....

Here is a bit of a sneaky peek at her images, which I am just so rapt with. What a foxy mama she is!
I hope you love them Kim, you are a stunner.

Special thanks go to:

Makeup Artist : Kylie-Ann Roughan | Voluptuous Devine
Venue : Vicki | Cambridge Coach House



]]> (Photography by Sharyn) Cambridge Coach House Hamilton Kim Model Photography Work Sat, 20 Oct 2012 05:30:00 GMT